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Number Plate Photo's: KG1

Registration Number: KG1 on 1963 Rolls Royce Phantom V 6230cc V8 Limousine
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KG1 on 1963 Rolls Royce Phantom V 6230cc V8 Limousine (Lord Mayoral Limousine)

KG 1 could be seen outside Cardiff City Hall for many years.

Since around 2002, Cardiff's Rolls-Royce Phantom V with KG1 registration has been mostly hidden away in the underground car park of County Hall, usually only leaving once each each year for its annual MOT test just down the road at the council workshops.

Although there have been a few people hoping the council would sell the car and / or registration to raise some funds, thankfully Cardiff Council have resisted these requests, insisting it remains a part of local history.

In 2018 Cardiff Council were looking into having the car on public display again in the near future.

The car is fitted with a chrome dragon mascot on the bonnet instead of the usual silver lady.

Prior to 2012, Cardiff's dignitaries had the use of two Jaguar saloons and a Volvo S80 in the civic fleet with the more modern marks of; CA51 CCC, CB51 CCC and CC51 CCC.

CA, CB and CC are the local identifiers for Cardiff and CCC is for 'Cardiff County Council'.

(n.b. CCC can also be read as City of Cardiff Council, County of Cardiff Council, Cardiff City Council, or perhaps even reading the 5 C's in CC51 CCC for County Council of the City and County of Cardiff!)

Photo provided by Rob C (Europlate member)

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